Morning Star

At long, long last, we have lift-off. Morning Star is finished, completed, done and dusted. It’s been submitted to all the relevant places and is now available for you to purchase. So, you know

Go do that.

You’ll find all the relevant links here, but first, a few notes.

Kindle is my lead platform. That’s my preference, if you’re wondering how/where to buy it. But not everyone has a kindle or a kindle-friendly device, and that’s okay. If you want an eBook but don’t want it on kindle, get it from Lulu.

There are also two options for paperbacks. I have ordered a copy from each of these to check the quality, but right now I have no way of knowing what the product will be like. So, they’re probably okay, and don’t let me stop you from buying them, but know that I haven’t checked them yet, so forgive any problems you might find with them. You were warned.

Wherever you buy it, be kind, leave a nice rating and maybe a review. More importantly, tell your friends and family, especially if you like it. Morning Star is a fun, silly story, and most anyone should be able to enjoy it.

Thanks so much for all your support, and I hope you enjoy my first book <3


PS I feel like I’m cheating a little with this post title/lyric choice, but who cares? It’s perfect.

I saw a star beneath the stairs
Glowing through the melting walls

Who will be the first to begin their fall?
Or will we become one?

Am I the star beneath the stairs?
Am I a ghost upon the stage?
Am I your anything?

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