In An Hourglass

Despite my original plans, it seems like Child of Time won’t actually be free everywhere, since Amazon won’t let me set the price lower than 99c. I’ll see what I can do about changing it later, but for now, that’s what it’s set at. I don’t really mind that so much. 99c isn’t a lot of money, and the free option still exists, for those that want it.

So if you want Child of Time for free, go get it. It’s yours. Read it, enjoy it, spread it around. Tell your friends. Tell your parents. Tell your dog, for all I care. So long as you talk about it.

If you want to support me a little, get the kindle version. It’s only 99c, and I sure would appreciate it.

If you want to support me a lot, or just want something cool, buy the physical version. I put in a fair bit of effort to make it a really good version. I still only get around $3 (actually less) from it, but it’s better than the 30c I get from the kindle version, so. Oh, but fair warning: same as last time, I haven’t actually checked it yet.

Whatever you do, be sure to rate and review it, talk about it, share it, like it, tweet it, whatever you can to help me out. In the mean time, I’m going to get back to writing 6/6, which I still don’t have a better title for, as well as No Way Out, and maybe something a little different too.

Anyway, Child of Time is out! Go get it! Be excited! GET HYPE!

…or something to that effect.


So it begins with a kiss and a smile and a look of hope
Letter to Heaven in an envelope
Will they listen to what you wrote?

Then you receive this strange reply
Do you realise
That you have life inside

Child of Time?

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