Do you follow Porpentine on twitter? If you don’t, you probably should. She’s pretty awesome.

So a couple days ago, she organised something she called a BIG CHAOS TWINE JAM encouraging people to spend the next few days building a game in twine, a program that lets you create interactive stories with little to no programming knowledge. I’ve messed around with it before, but never really done much with it. I’ve been itching for an opportunity to tackle something small and manageable, so this was perfect.

Of course, to make things more fun, participants were encouraged to take their inspiration from this, a random video game name generator. I clicked through an endless number of enticing possibilities (Erotic Battles from Outer Space was a close second) but eventually decided that Lethal Elevator from Hell resonated with what I felt like writing.

So I jumped back into twine, wrote some silly nonsense, experimented with changeable variables and even some basic CSS to change the way it looked. Nothing fancy, nothing dramatic, but it was fun, and it got me wanting to experiment further the next time I do something in twine (No Way Out is still coming, I promise).

So, without further ado, you can play Lethal Elevator from Hell here. Please ignore the typo on the very first page, not one of my test players caught it.

You can play the rest of the games here, and you should!


Would you like to come meet the wolves who love you?
I know the alleys where they like to hide, though I
Just have to wonder what wing you think that you’re under
You haven’t got the years nor mind to fly

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