Girl’s Gotta Eat

Girl's Gotta Eat

So I’ve had an interesting experience self publishing. I’ve tried a variety of services, methods and formats. I put ebooks up on Kindle, Smashwords and Lulu, with mixed results. I sold physical books through CreateSpace and Lulu, with mixed results. At this early stage of my career, I’ve sold very little, but learned a lot.

First of all, I live in Australia. All of these services are US based. They pay me royalties in  US dollar cheques, which I only recently learned have a $15 conversion fee to cash. For context, my last royalty check was $42. Not exactly an exciting proposition. Perhaps that would be alright if I was earning hundred or thousands of dollars per check, but I’m not. Yet.

After discovering that, I immediately pulled all of my books off of each and every one of those services. It became apparent to me that whilst I am so unknown and selling so little, it’s simply not a viable income source for me. Of course, I still want to make money selling my books, and I still don’t want to play the games of mainstream publishers, so I couldn’t leave it at that.

After a fair amount of research and trial and error, I stumbled upon an ecommerce solution I felt good about, and set to work building my own store. This way, I can sell what I want, however I want. I don’t lose any percentage of the sale price (except maybe a 2% transaction fee) and I get paid immediately, and in my own currency, courtesy of PayPal. In return, I pay an additional monthly fee, and I have no presence on massive storefronts like Amazon or Lulu. Swings and roundabouts.

I need to sell more, obviously. Well, I can do that. Especially now that I have an appropriate venue to sell shorter works for a lower price. Time will tell how effective that is, but I have high hopes.

So from now on, you’ll find all of my stuff in one centralised location, right here at Morning Star is there, Child of Time has been restructured to offer the same content but as a pack (it was a short story collection anyway) and several stories are now available for individual purchase.

In fact, for the first time ever, you can now read Aishiteru, a queer sci-fi romance about androids (read my old post about it here). It’s 10,000 words worth, and only 99c. It’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever written, and it’s super cheap. Go get it!

As time goes on, I’ll add more stuff to the store. I welcome feedback, if you think prices are too high, or content too slim, or you just want to see more of any particular thing.

In any case, please tell your friends! I would very much like to make a living out of this, and I can’t do that without a bunch of people buying a bunch of stuff from me.


They say that life is tit for tat
and that’s the way I live
So I deserve a lot of tat
For what I’ve got to give

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