Store and story updates

Store and story updates

Just a little housekeeping, today.

A little while ago I set up my own store, a system that would allow me to sell my stuff how I wanted, and keep almost all of the profits. It took a fair amount of effort, but I was happy with how it turned out, and I enjoyed the freedom over what I sold. Unfortunately, it also cost money, on a recurring basis, and since it costs considerably more than what it’s making (nothing, for the past several months), I’ve decided to shut it down.

I’m still selling my stuff, because at some point someone is going to want to buy it, but it’s back on the Amazon kindle store. It’s not ideal, because they take a pretty hefty cut (70% for customers outside of the US) and they pay royalties in small amounts, in USD, which means I end up losing about a third just in conversion. So it’s not really a moneymaking venture, just a way to maintain visibility and maybe slowly reach a bigger audience.

Morning Star is right back where it started, same price and everything, and if you haven’t read it yet, it’s a fun, silly story about all kinds of weird supernatural junk. It’s also three dollars. So, you know, why not give it a go? It’s right here.

The rest of my stuff, mostly short stories, is available all bundled together, also for three dollars. It’s a fair amount of stuff, a lot of it is new, and I’m pretty proud of everything in it. So if you wanted to check it out and maybe help me out by rating and leaving a review, that’d be great. Here it is.

Mostly, tell your friends, get them reading my stuff. Tweet about it, put it on Facebook, whatever.

Meanwhile, I’m pretty close to finishing this novel that I genuinely hope I can get published, so wish me luck with that <3


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