Little Witch Story

So this is a thing I don’t really do often: talk about a project I’m working on in any sort of detail. But right now, I have a project I’m excited about, and I want to share it with you!

My big project right now is a work of interactive fiction called Little Witch Story. It places you in the shoes of somebody who discovers that they are a Witch, a person with magical abilities. Unfortunately, in this society, being a Witch means you’re treated with fear and mistrust, and you’ll constantly struggle against the system to be treated with even basic human decency. Throughout your journey, you’ll find support (and maybe love) among other Witches, and old friends and family will struggle to come to terms with the new you, and what that means.

A lot of the story is very personal, and draws on experiences of being queer, gay, trans, nonbinary, polyamorous and generally not ‘normal’, whatever normal even means. It’s a story about a journey, one that you can shape, but also one that shapes you, and the people around you.

Today, I want to introduce three of the main characters you’ll be interacting with, because just as in life, I find that people more than events or situations are what really make an experience what it is.


This is Mira. She’s a Witch, like you. She’ll be the person who helps you understand what being a Witch means, and how to stay alive.


This is Eli. He’s your childhood friend, and he knows a thing or two about difficult changes in a person’s life, and the harsh treatment that can come with it. He’ll support you, no matter what.


June is your other childhood friend. She has her own issues with Witches, but she wants to be the best friend that she can be. If you’re patient with her, she’ll come around.

More to come!

That’s all I have to talk about today, but I hope that it seems interesting and exciting! I’m really enjoying working on it, and sharing it with you all.

As always, if you have any questions, there are numerous links around the site, and you can leave a comment if you have any thoughts! And if you want to help make this happen, don’t forget I have a patreon you can support me with.

Thanks for reading!


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