Oh gosh, you’ve clicked on the “About Me” page. You want to know more about me, then? Well, I’ll do my best. I’m convinced nobody knows how to write these pages, though.

Let’s see… I’m an Australian born and based creative, with a focus on fiction writing and tabletop gaming. I’m a big ol’ nerd, a bit of an introvert and a lot of a procrastinator. I’m also the kind of person who picks up a lot of hobbies but isn’t particularly good at most of them. I just like new things. Some things stick, though. On top of the writing and tabletop, I’m also a game designer, improv performer and casual media critic (read: overly opinionated but no longer blasting social media with Hot Takes).

Getting more personal, I’m a trans and non-binary person, something I’ve spent a lot of time talking and writing about. I also have ADHD and pretty constant fatigue, which are also things I find important to talk about. When possible I engage in advocacy for these things and more, from giving talks, consulting, joining committees and having long and complicated conversations with people.

Beyond that, all I can say is that I’m aspiring to be a kind, compassionate and thoughtful person, creator, performer and speaker, and that’s a journey that never really ends.

And hey, I hope you’re doing okay.