But We’re Both Girls…

but-were-both-girls-fA collection of yuri-inspired romances. If you want to read about girls blushing, hearts pounding and fingers touching, this is the book for you.

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Impact Day, Volume 1

ImpactDayArtFinalThe entire first year of Impact Day, collected at last!

When a tear in reality brings superhumans and monsters into the world, everything changes. Newly granted the ability to transform into a powerful warrior, Sabrina fights to save her city from a zombie-like plague, powerful criminal gangs and superpowered individuals, all the while struggling to maintain control over the very entity that granted her the power to fight in the first place. Rachel, on the run from the ex-girlfriend who tried to murder her, begins to tap into a power that lets her create things that have never been seen before. Veronica braves a city full of monsters to save her best friend, never knowing they were the hero keeping her alive the entire time.

Features a bonus chapter never released online.

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Almost Incidental

CoTCover-3-FinalA collection of stories that may, or may not, contain the secrets to eternal life. Whilst I cannot guarantee they will allow you to live forever, I can very nearly almost guarantee they won’t cause to live any less than you are now. At the very least, I can assure you they almost definitely won’t make you live any less than you have already. Probably.

Some of these stories are personal. Some are science fiction stories about time travel, dystopian worlds and dark, alternate futures. Some are mysteries. Some are love stories. Most are combination of those, and more.

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The Transition Process

A collection of my blog posts over the course of several years, chronicling my journey as I came to terms with being transgender and everything that’s involved with that process. A combination of anecdotes, advice and insights.

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