The Transition Process

Hello! My name is Snow, and I am a trans woman. That’s something I only figured out a few years ago, and let me tell you, it was a very strange and confusing process. Before all of this, I’d never met a trans person. I didn’t know a thing about them, really. In fact, I was labouring under some horribly inaccurate presumptions.

As I started to learn more about trans people, about the community to which I would come to belong to, the community I would come to cherish, one particular thought stuck out to me. How the fuck does anybody learn about any of this shit?

Like, come on. It’s not complicated, just different. And it doesn’t need to be different. It just is, because wow mainstream media really doesn’t like us, does it?

Anyway, when I started to transition, I decided to document the process. I wrote about all the different things that happened, all the steps I had to go through, the things I was thinking at the time. I posted about all of it on my blog, because I wanted it to be a resource. For other possibly trans people, for people who wanted to understand a little more about trans people, or just for anyone interested.

I’m not sure how successful it was, in terms of how far I managed to reach with it. It didn’t really matter. It ended up being more of a journal, a chronicle of my experiences, and that in itself has value.

Now, I’ve collected it all here. At least, the first few years worth. Unedited, unchanged. This feels important to me, because not everything I wrote down across the journey still rings true today. There are things I would phrase different, opinions that have evolved, but most importantly, my state of mind is different.

Throughout a lot of this process, I was angry. I was frustrated and confused and hurt, and I think that comes through in the writing. That’s important. I can never capture those feelings again. Those are the true feelings I had at the time I was going through each of these stages, and that’s a part of the process. I feel like it’s important to preserve that as much as anything else.

So here you have it. The collected story of my journey through transitioning. I hope it’s interesting, and more than that, I hope it’s helpful.

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