General Fiction

Mostly stories about cute girls blushing. Also some science fiction and fantasy.

Aishiteru – Queer, Science Fiction, Romance

A multi-part story about artificial intelligence, love and the nature of power in relationships.

But She Hates Me… – Queer, Lesbian

Rose’s mum has a new boyfriend. He has a daughter. The two of them could not be more different. Then again, there might be one thing they have in common…

Child of Time – Science Fiction

A multi-part story about a woman who encounters a time traveller, and must rescue him from the laboratories of her high-tech society.

The Girl On The Bus – Queer, Lesbian, Romance

A story about a girl who likes girls and a girl who likes to wear boy’s clothing. Neither of them fit in particularly well at school, but maybe together they can help one another survive.

Greenhouse – Queer, Trans, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic

A multi-part story about a world destroyed by the sun, and the desperate risks people take to survive, even when the consequences can be fatal.

The Hardest Words To Say – Queer, Lesbian

Realising you might be attracted to another girl is only half the battle. Actually admitting how you feel can be even harder, but if you take too long to say anything…

Her Name – Queer, Lesbian, Trans

Kate meets a new friend at work, and sees a chance to help make up for past mistakes. But is that all it is?

Impact Day – Queer, Trans, Lesbian, Science Fiction

A story so big it needs its own site! Impact Day is an ongoing, serialised story about a trans teen superhero who is also kind of a magical girl.

Midnight Confessions – Queer, Lesbian

April is hopelessly in love with her very straight best friend, Fiona. Then Fiona confides in her that she is not actually straight, and April has no idea what to say.

Miranda – Queer, Trans

A story about a young transgender woman who receives a visit from somebody who knows what it’s like to want to say goodbye to the world.

On The Run – Urban Fantasy

A story about life as a renegade witch, hiding from authority.

Orbit – Queer, Lesbian, Science Fiction

A multi-part story about a prisoner on death row and the time traveller who rescues her.

Sticks and Stones – Queer, Lesbian

A non-canonical story about everyone’s favourite weirdo, Charlie, and a girl who has a crush on her.

Time to Play – Mystery

A story about a girl framed for murder, and the sister who is determined to clear her name.

14.2 – Queer, Lesbian

Anne just broke up with her boyfriend. Her workmate, Jo, invites her out to dinner on the most romantic day of the year. Anne doesn’t think anything of it, but when Jo’s ex-girlfriend shows up on her way home from work, she starts to have second thoughts.


Because sometimes cute girls kissing and blushing isn’t quite enough.

Only Just A Dream – Queer, Lesbian, Erotica

Kirsten’s been fantasising about the same girl for months. When she finally gets the chance to take her home, she finds reality is even better than her imagination.

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