The Recovery Process: Weeks 5-6

The Recovery Process: Weeks 5-6

Before all this began, I was given an estimate of about six weeks recovery time. That is, six weeks to get back to being a normally functioning adult, more or less. Six weeks until “don’t push it, no exercise and like if you really need to have sex you can but take it easy and probably […]

The Transition Process: What’s In A Name

The Transition Process: What's In A Name

A big part of transitioning for me (and by all accounts, for everybody else) is changing one’s name. It’s fairly simple: if I want to live as a girl, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do it with a boy’s name. Since I wasn’t fortunate enough to be born with an androgynous […]

The Transition Process, Part 2

So, it’s been a week, both within the story I am telling, and also in real life, since my last post. How does waiting a week for the chance to find something like this out? Try to imagine now that this is the information that could and probably will change your life. I called again. […]