GOTY 2015

Well, this has been a fun year. As it turns out, I haven’t actually played many games this year. Too busy making my own, I guess? But that’s a post for another day. Today, we’re going to scrabble together what games I did play this year, rank them arbitrarily and then be angry about them. That’s […]

Snow’s GOTY 2013, Part 2

Okay, I’m gonna be honest with you. Since starting this list I actually played another game that I couldn’t not add to it, so I’m just gonna cheat a little bit! My top ten list now has 11 games. Deal with it. 5.5. A Link Between Worlds I kind of got a late start when […]

Snow’s GOTY 2013, Part 1

10. Fire Emblem: Awakening I really enjoy Fire Emblem games. The combination of tactical strategy gameplay, RPG systems and anime-ass fantasy visual novel storytelling hit all of the right notes with me, not to mention the massive casts of interesting and often bizarre characters. Awakening takes the previous formula of Fire Emblem games and cranks […]