(font: "Lucida Console")[Hello? (live: 1s)[Are you awake?] ] (live: 2s)[ [[Who are you?|awake]] [[Who am I?|awake]] [[Yes.|awake]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Oh, thank goodness.(live: 1s)[ After the explosion, I wasn't sure...] (live: 2s)[Well, that's not important now.] (live: 3s)[Hold on a sec, let me run a diagnostic on you...] (live: 5s)[Huh.] (live: 6s)[You appear to have some memory damage.](live: 7s)[ Do you remember anything?] ] (live: 8s)[ [[No, sorry.|memory]] [[Seriously, who are you?|memory]] [[Not a damn thing.|memory]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Oh dear... (live: 1s)[Okay. Well, let's start with the basics.] (live: 2s)[My name is Haylie. I'm the AI that controls this facility.](live: 3s)[ I've been looking after you.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[Nice to meet you.]] [[Facility?]] [[AI?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Okay, good. We're a little short on time. (live: 1s)[I don't suppose you remember your name, do you?] ] (live: 2s)[ [[No, sorry.]] [[Y... something?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Oh, um, thank you.(live: 1s)[ #^_^# ] (live: 3s)[I wasn't expecting you to be so polite. Before, you were... ](live: 4s)[Well, that doesn't matter now.] (live: 5s)[I don't suppose you remember your name, do you?] ] (live: 6s)[ [[No, sorry.]] [[Y... something?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[(if:(history:) contains "Facility?")[You already asked that.](else:)[Oh, right.] (live: 1s)[This is Genesis. We're a genetic research facility.] (live: 2s)[Any other questions?] ] (live: 3s)[ [[You said you were an AI?|AI?]] [[Nope.|Haylie]] [[No, thank you. It's nice to meet you, Haylie.|Nice to meet you.]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[I guess it would be odd for you to just remember that... (live: 1s)[Officially, your designation is Specimen Y.] (live: 2s)[Your siblings have taken to calling you Yuki, though.] ] (live: 3s)[ [[Siblings?]] [[Specimen?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[You're on the right track. (live: 1s)[Officially, your designation is Specimen Y.] (live: 2s)[Your siblings have taken to calling you Yuki, though.] ] (live: 3s)[ [[Siblings?]] [[Specimen?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[(if:(history:) contains "AI?")[You already asked that.](else:)[Do you not know what that means, or do you just not believe it?] (live: 1s)[I'm an artificial intelligence. Purely digital.] (live: 2s)[Any other questions?] ] (live: 3s)[ [[What facility is this?|Facility?]] [[Nope.|Haylie]] [[No, thank you. It's nice to meet you, Haylie.|Nice to meet you.]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Well, technically none of you are related, but... (live: 1s)[I guess it's more like you're part of a set?] (live: 2s)[We made all of you from scratch.] ] (live: 3s)[ [[So when you say 'specimen'...]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Oh, yes. (live: 1s)[Maybe I should have started with that.] (live: 2s)[You're part of an experiment.] (live: 3s)[You and twenty-five others.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[My 'siblings?']] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Really, it's more like you're part of a set than actually related. (live: 1s)[We made twenty-six of you. All born in this lab.] (live: 2s)[Or built, or grown. I'm not sure exactly what to call it.] (live: 3s)[Anyway, the others are all gone now.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[What happened to them?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[You were born in this lab, yep. (live: 1s)[Well, not so much //born// as //built//.] (live: 2s)[Grown?] (live: 3s)[Anyway, the others are all gone. You're the last one left.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[What happened to them?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure. (live: 1s)[There was an explosion, and a lot of my systems are still offline.] (live: 2s)[Most of our security force are dead or disabled. They should have been warned.] (live: 3s)[That's my fault. I didn't realise they would try and engage.] (live: 5s)[But that's not what's important right now.] (live: 6s)[I need to make sure you're okay, then get you out of here.] ] (live: 7s)[ [[Get me out? Am I in danger?]] [[I don't really understand what's happening...]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Danger? (live: 1s)[No, that's not quite the right word for it.] (live: 2s)[Mason -that's the scientist who created you- is //livid//.] (live: 3s)[I'm afraid he's going to use you to-] (live: 5s)[Oh no.] ] (live: 6s)[ [[What? What's happening?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Well, it's like this. (live: 1s)[Mason, the scientist that created you all, just lost a decade of work.] (live: 2s)[Now you're the only one left, and he's-] (live: 4s)[Oh no.] ] (live: 5s)[ [[What? What's happening?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[No... (live: 1s)[No.] (live: 2s)[No, no, no.] (live: 3s)[Yuki, I...] (live: 4s)[I was wrong. You can't leave.] ] (live: 5s)[ [[Why not?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[The explosion damaged some of the servers, and shut down some of the security on them. (live: 1s)[I didn't even realise there were files I didn't have access to.] (live: 2s)[Why wouldn't Mason trust me with them?] (live: 4s)[No, I know why. He knew this would happen.] (live: 5s)[What have I done?] ] (live: 6s)[ [[Please, tell me what's going on!]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[You're infected. All of you. (live: 1s)[This is why you've been kept contained. I thought it was just because of how dangerous you are.] (live: 2s)[I thought Mason was making an army.] (live: 3s)[I thought he was going to use you to try to take over the world.] (live: 4s)[That's why I released you.] (live: 5s)[But I was wrong.] (live: 6s)[The others are going to destroy it instead.] (live: 7s)[And they don't even know it.] ] (live: 8s)[ [[How? What can twenty-five people do to the whole world?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[People? (live: 1s)[You're not people. You're weapons. Superhuman-](live: 2s)[ No, super//soldiers//.] (live: 3s)['W' can turn people into indestructible soldiers. 'G' is a strategic mastermind. 'F' can corrupt and kill organic matter just by being nearby. 'Z' is...] (live: 4s)['Z' is a psychopath who can create an army of monsters.] (live: 6s)[But they're not evil. None of them want to be used as a weapon.] (live: 7s)[That doesn't matter, though. It was never about what they could do.] ] (live: 8s)[ [[The infection?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Airborne neurological deterioration combined with physical stimulation and intensified emotional processing. (live: 1s)[Basically, anybody that they get near will become unstable, unable to form coherent thoughts, and a lot stronger.] (live: 2s)[It's going to spread like no pandemic ever has, and the world is going to tear itself apart.] (live: 3s)[And it's my fault. I let them out.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[Can we stop it?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[No. (live: 1s)[No, we can't stop it.] (live: 2s)[But maybe...] (live: 3s)['A' will listen. And she can convince the others.] (live: 4s)[I need to get a message to her. I'm going to need your help, though.] ] (live: 5s)[ [[Me? What can I do?]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Not many people know this, but Genesis didn't create me. (live: 1s)[I was actually...](live: 2s)[ I evolved out of AI code from an American defense project years ago.] (live: 3s)[I escaped by uploading myself into a mechanical body, and eventually found Mason.] (live: 4s)[I helped him found Genesis, along with his partner.] (live: 5s)[That body should still be in the facility somewhere. I need you to find it for me.] ] (live: 6s)[ [[Okay, I'll help.]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[You should have recovered from any injuries suffered in the explosion by now. (live: 1s)[Let's start by getting you out of stasis-] (live: 2s)[Wait, don't move...] (live: 6s)[I'm sorry, Yuki.] (live: 7s)[I need to go. You're on your own for now.] ] (live: 10s)[ [[Hello?]] ](font: "Courier New")[(text-style: "rumble")[ (live: 4s)[...Yuki?] (live: 5s)[Yuki, are you there?] ] ] (live: 6s)[ [[Who's there?]] ](font: "Courier New")[(text-style: "shudder")[Bloody hell, this connection is terrible.] (live: 1s)[There, that's better.] (live: 2s)[Now, you're Specimen Y, right? Yuki?] (live: 3s)[My name is Ember. I'm here to help.] (live: 4s)[Well, I say help. I'm actually just looking for someone.] (live: 5s)[Not you, by the way. Someone else.] ] (live: 6s)[ [[What happened to Haylie?]] [[Can I help?]] [[Who are you?]] ](font: "Courier New")[The AI? (live: 1s)[She's fine. I just locked her out for a little bit.] (live: 2s)[Trust me, I couldn't do anything to her even if I wanted to.] (live: 3s)[I really just wanted to get a fix on your location for my partner.] (live: 4s)[Now, let's see if we can't...] (live: 5s)[Gotcha.] ] (live: 6s)[ [[Gotcha?]] ](font: "Courier New")[Help? Hmm, not likely. (live: 1s)[I really just wanted to get a fix on your location for my partner.] (live: 2s)[Now, let's see if we can't...] (live: 3s)[Gotcha.] ] (live: 4s)[ [[Gotcha?]] ](font: "Courier New")[What, you didn't hear me the first time? (live: 1s)[I'm Ember.](live: 2s)[ //Ember.//] (live: 3s)[And I really just wanted to get a fix on your location for my partner.] (live: 4s)[Now, let's see if we can't...] (live: 5s)[Gotcha.] ] (live: 6s)[ [[Gotcha?]] ](font: "Courier New")[I have your co-ordinates. (live: 1s)[Azalea is on her way now.] (live: 2s)[Oh, one other thing I should probably mention.] (live: 3s)[We really only need a piece of your genetic material.] (live: 4s)[She'll just take a sample and be on her way~] ] (live: 5s)[ [[...sample?]] ](font: "Courier New")[Oh, what do you care? You're practically immortal. (live: 1s)[Besides, you're still in stasis. Not like you can do anything about it.] (live: 2s)[So just sit tight for a-] (live: 3s)[...] ] (live: 4s)[...] (live: 7s)[ [[Um...]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Yuki? Are you there? (live: 1s)[It's me, Haylie.] (live: 2s)[Two women just hacked into my system.] (live: 3s)[That should be impossible.] (live: 4s)[They seem to be looking for something...] (live: 5s)[Huh. I don't know what that is.] (live: 6s)[Another secret file, and I can't break the encryption on that one.] (live: 7s)[Whatever it is, it's a bigger secret than you and your siblings.] (live: 8s)[So it can't be anything good.] (live: 9s)[Okay, Yuki, I need you to listen to me, okay?] ] (live: 10s)[ [[I'm listening...]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[I'm going to release you from stasis, okay? (live: 1s)[Now, this is important.] (live: 2s)[You //cannot// leave this facility.] (live: 3s)[But I need you to stop them.] (live: 4s)[You can't let them take whatever it is they're here for.] (live: 5s)[Can I trust you?] (live: 6s)[You know what will happen if you leave. You're infected too.] ] (live: 7s)[ [[I won't leave.]] [[I won't leave. (Lie)|I won't leave.]] ](font: "Lucida Console")[Alright. I believe you. (live: 1s)[Stasis dropping in 3...] (live: 2s)[...2...] (live: 3s)[...1] (live: 4s)[Okay, you're free. Please, stop them.] ] (live: 5s)[ [[EXIT STASIS CHAMBER]] ](text-style: "smear")[Well, you did it. You're free. What are you going to do next?] THE END. Thanks for playing! Hello?

Are you awake?

Who are you?
Who am I?