Current Projects

A Witch In Time (Working Title) – Taking the heart of Little Witch Story and turning it into something new, subject to countless rewrites and existential crises.

Farrow Investigations (Working Title) – a new serial fiction connecting to a bigger world, reworking some old ideas and bringing in plenty of new ones. Stay tuned…

Past Projects

Impact Day – A serialised fiction work that ran weekly from from 2015 to 2018. Began as a way to force myself to write regularly, and churn through some older writing ideas I had. Much of this will eventually be recycled into a more focussed and serious project.

Little Witch Story – A twine game I made to see how far I could push my twine skills, telling a Choose Your Own Adventure style story about acceptance, community, prejudice and love. Won an award for diversity, now being reworked into something a little more polished.

Short Stories – I used to have a variety of short stories published on my website and collected into eBook collections. Some of them might return. Most of them won’t, but they all represent important stages in my development as a writer.

Commission & Contract Work – I’ve previously written on multiple Voltage/Lovestruck games, such as Gangsters in Love, Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and Starship Promise, as well as indie platformer Rogue Singularity, and done narrative consultancy for local studios.